Bitboard helps you organize your Bitbucket issues using boards and cards.

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Bitboard helps you organize your Bitbucket issues using boards and cards.

Bitboard is the best way to organize your Bitbucket issues!

No more updating your Trello board manually to keep it in sync with reality. You have got better things to do than trying to fit a development process into a system which was not designed for it. We can do so much better and honestly; you deserve better. Imagine a product which automatically keeps the board up to date based on your actions in your Bitbucket repository. And the few times you need to do it manually, it’s easy and fast.

Bitboard is that product.

Developers love Bitboard

Bitboard helps you focus on work!

Bitboard removes the pain from keeping your project board in sync with the real world. Your board will be updated based on the actions of the people working on the project. Bitboard supports the entire workflow of your development team. Right from the first commit of a feature branch, to code reviews of a pull request, and finally when merging the code into the master branch.

Push a Git branch to assign your self to an issue

Ready to start a new task in the backlog? Great, push a new branch prefixed with the issue number and Bitboard will automatically move the card to the “In Progress” column. Bitboard also assignes the person who pushed the branch as responsible automatically.

Bitboard helps you focus on work!

Pull requests are attached to cards

When you are done working on the issue, create a pull request with a simple keyword in the description. Bitboard will then move the card to the “In Review” column.

Bitboard helps you focus on work!

Ready to try out Bitboard?

Each card tells a story!

Glancing a board will let you know a lot about the progress of a project. Looking at a single card alone can tell you:

What the issue is about

How far in the development process it is

What kind of issue it is

The urgency of the issue

Who is assigned to work on it

Does any code related to this issue need to be reviewed

Who is responsible for reviewing the code

Each card tells a story!

What can you expect?

Fast and easy to use

We are focused on making Bitboard fast to use. We know that the best tools gets out of your way and let you focus on your job.

Sync Bitbucket issues

When you create or update issues in Bitbucket, they are updated in Bitboard as well. Same goes the other way around. Bitboard synchronizes both ways

Pull requests are supported

If you mention an issue in a pull request description, it will be linked to the card in Bitboard.

Git push can move cards and more

You don’t have to manually assign your self to issues anymore. Push a feature branch with the issue number as a prefix and Bitboard will take care of the rest.

Smart labels simplify it all

Use a single concept to manage issue properties. Filter boards based on labels.

You can use Bitboard without team members

You don’t need to invite the entire team to use Bitboard. Everything works even though the rest of your team hasn’t switched to Bitboard.

Labels make things simpler

Labels in Bitboard encapsulates multiple concepts from Bitbucket into a single one. A label can change several aspects of an issue like kind, state, and priority. This makes information on the board easy to decode.

Columns can set labels on cards as well

Each column in a board can have unique properties. You can decide if any labels should be added to an issue when dropped on a column. It’s also possible to specify which column a card should be moved to when mentioned in a pull request or when a properly named branch is pushed. This gives you great flexibility in how your boards should work.


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We are No Pointless Apps, and we created bitboard.

We believe that there is way too much software in the world, so we strive only to create software that truly brings value to the world. If you are looking for help developing solutions based on Elixir, Ruby on Rails or Javascript feel free to reach out!

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We are No Pointless Apps, and we created bitboard.

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