Today I rolled out an update for Bitboard with a couple of changes which I would like to highlight

Column scroll positions are now saved

Gone are the days where you would scroll a column, select a card and go back to the board only to see that the column is no longer scrolled to the same position as before. I’m using Bitboard daily, and it started to annoy me. So this is now fixed. Column scroll positions are now maintained.

Full support for anonymous Bitbucket issue reporters

Bitboard finally supports public repositories with issues created by anonymous users. So everyone should now be able to import their repositories.

Focus on privacy

It has always been my intention with Bitboard to be as transparent as possible and only sharing data with third parties if necessary. Until now I’ve shared data with Intercom. Going forward GDPR requires me to ask for customers consent and only share data if the customer as given consent to do so. To solve this, I built a new account settings area, but today I realized that the best solution was to stop sharing data with Intercom. If it becomes necessary, I will ask for your consent when you login.

I’ve also added information on how to export your user data as well as how to delete your account. Both are manual processes right now, so it requires that customers send me an email. If it becomes a support burden, I will fix it, but right now I have more important things to work on.

Other minor tweaks

This release also includes many small improvements and bugfixes.