When I started working on Bitboard, I had grand plans regarding how much Bitboard would be able to manage the user’s repositories. One thing I had planned was that Bitboard would be able to manage members in the user’s repositories as well as create projects in Bitbucket from Bitboard. The scope since changed but the permissions Bitboard asks for when signing up did not. Until now 🙂

The only thing Bitboard asks, for now, is the following:

  • Read your account information
    Necessary to get information about the user logged in (Email, Avatar, and name).
  • Read and modify your repositories’ issues
    Necessary for Bitboard to work (let you create and manage issues)
  • Read and modify your repositories and their pull requests
    Necessary for Bitboard to let you view pull requests
  • Administer your repositories
    Necessary for Bitboard to be able to view the members of a repository
  • Read and modify your repositories’ webhooks
    Necessary for Bitboard to add a webhook to a repository which ensures that changes happening in Bitbucket are sent to Bitboard as well.