So 2018 is almost over, and it is time to reflect on what has happened. I’m developing Bitboard while running a software-consultancy company and the last couple of months have been hectic. Because of that I just haven’t been able to work on Bitboard as much as I wanted. I will make an effort to change that in 2019 by accepting fewer clients in my consultancy business.

In December Bitboard saw an increase in signups but we are still not seeing any paid upgrades. That need to change 🙂

So what are the plans for 2019?

I want to add support for multiple repositories on a single board as well as support for viewing pull requests in Bitboard. Those are the two prominent features planned for the next year. I will also focus on improving the overall experience of using Bitboard. To do so, I will spend more time writing documentation and creating learning resources like videos. The last thing I will need to look into is to handle API changes made by Atlassian. Some of the APIs we use is being deprecated, so I will need to figure out how to migrate away from those.

Next year will be fun. I still love working on Bitboard 🙂