Deployed a couple of bug fixes

  • A small subset of users was unable to create boards. I fixed this bug today.
  • Comment count is not being updated properly.

Landing page moved to

I managed to get and the plan are to migrate everything to The reason is that is shorter and that I’ve more than once experienced people thinking that the product is called Getbitboard. So as a first step the landing page is now hosted on Next up is the application.

@mentions got a lot easier

I just released an update to Bitboard which makes it easier to mention other repository members in a comment or description. Read more

UX improvements, support for anonymous issue reporters and preparations for GDPR

Today I rolled out an update for Bitboard with a couple of changes which I would like to highlight Read more

Fixed bug causing assignee to not always be set

I just deployed a fix for a bug which caused the assignee of an issue not to be set when changed in Bitbucket. It hasn’t affected any boards.

New landing page with more info

I just released a new landing page which does a better job at explaining the benefits of Bitboard. I still have content needed to be added (like a video demo and pricing information). But it’s a great start.

Archived issues are now accessible

Another basic feature has arrived at Bitboard ūüôā It’s now possible to access archived issues. Right now it’s implemented in its most basic form, and I will expand upon it later on.


New board membership invitation flow

I’ve changed the way memberships of a board are managed. Read more

Delete attachment now working and other minor fixes

Today I rolled out a bug fix update for Bitboard. Read more

Support for public repositories added

It’s been a pretty long time underway, but it is finally possible to import public repositories in Bitboard. Read more