Bugfix update released

Just released a rather critical bug fix

  • Fixes Unable to assign issues to Bitbucket users who does not have a Bitboard account


No need for all those permissions!

When I started working on Bitboard, I had grand plans regarding how much Bitboard would be able to manage the user’s repositories. Read more

Login is working again

I’ve fixed the issue and made sure that if something like this happens again, it will be easier to track down the cause.

Login is broken #!ˆ%#!&%#!

For some unknown reason, the Bitbucket based login is not working at the moment. I am investigating the cause and working as fast as I can!

I will spend more time on the website going forward for sure!

Two weeks ago I made some quick changes to the website. Instead of sending the visitor directly to Bitbucket authorization when clicking “start trial” they are now forwarded to a special sign up page. Read more

Today we start charging for multiple boards.

Today I deployed our payment plan. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been debating with myself how many features to implement before introducing paid plans. Read more

Vacation is almost over

In about a week I will be back from vacation with my family. I haven’t made any significant progress on Bitboard during my vacation because… well it was a vacation 🙂 I do however look forward to getting back on track and pushing out new features.

Emoji support & server migrations

Just rolled out emoji support in issue descriptions and comments. What it means is that you’re able to write :heart: and have it replaced with the emoji representation when the content is being rendered.  Read more

Deployed a couple of bug fixes

  • A small subset of users was unable to create boards. I fixed this bug today.
  • Comment count is not being updated properly.

Landing page moved to bitboard.app

I managed to get bitboard.app and the plan are to migrate everything to bitboard.app. The reason is that bitboard.app is shorter and that I’ve more than once experienced people thinking that the product is called Getbitboard. So as a first step the landing page is now hosted on bitboard.app. Next up is the application.