Login is working again

I’ve fixed the issue and made sure that if something like this happens again, it will be easier to track down the cause.

I will spend more time on the website going forward for sure!

Two weeks ago I made some quick changes to the website. Instead of sending the visitor directly to Bitbucket authorization when clicking “start trial” they are now forwarded to a special sign up page. Read more

Vacation is almost over

In about a week I will be back from vacation with my family. I haven’t made any significant progress on Bitboard during my vacation because… well it was a vacation 🙂 I do however look forward to getting back on track and pushing out new features.

New landing page with more info

I just released a new landing page which does a better job at explaining the benefits of Bitboard. I still have content needed to be added (like a video demo and pricing information). But it’s a great start.

Minor outage today

Today when deploying bug fixes and changes related to future support for public repositories we experienced a couple of minutes of outage. Read more

So I guess we have a blog :)

I intend to post regular updates on the progress of Bitboard and sometimes even discuss the design process openly.